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        S & S Precision Mfg., is a full service supplier of finished machined precision parts. We have been in business since 1988. We use the latest CAD/CAM programming systems, and we have the latest CNC equipment available. We are familiar with many types of materials including ferros and nonferros metals, heat treated steels and plastics. We machine parts from solid bars, plates, billets, castings, and forgings. We perform short and long run production. We specialize in all the materials other shops rather not deal with, All the Inconels, Titaniums, Not a problem. To us it cuts just like aluminum. Service is very important to us here at S & S Precision Mfg. We supply quality precision machined parts on time and at very competitive prices. We are located in Santa Ana, California.

      We can make any type of fitting to meet any Millitary Spec. We Machine many Assembly units that consist of multiple parts and make sure every single part is doing its job before we ship it. We have our own E.D.M Machine witch makes jobs flow faster through the shop. Instead of having to wait a week for some other shop to E.D.M our parts, we do it our selves in 1 day or 2. Our machine shop's capabilities with that of our various partners and you have a one stop local machining solution. We can supply individual custom made parts or build assemblies combining sheet metal fabrication, machining, turning, milling, welding, plating, assembling etc.

S & S Precision Mfg.
2101 South Yale Street
Santa Ana, Ca . 92704